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No transfers needed with Kussbus. From now on, commute comfortably from your home to your workplace.

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Let yourself be driven to your workplace and use your newly found time as you please.


With guaranteed seating, leg room, and free Wi-Fi, Kussbus offers you maximal comfort.

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Save money now with Kussbus! Kussbus is fundamentally cheaper than commuting with your car.

Regain lost time!

Whether you live in Luxembourg, France, Belgium or Germany, commute to your workplace in Luxembourg with Kussbus, transfer-free. The time you used to lose commuting by car can now be spent on relaxing or being productive – not to mention, free Wi-Fi and guaranteed seating! In order to ensure that you will be able to use Kussbus, sign up now for free and without any obligations and tell us about your daily commute. We will notify you as soon as Kussbus is available to you.

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Questions & Answers

About Kussbus

Kussbus is an eco-friendly door-to-door shuttle service for your daily commute. The Kussbus algorithm optimises the requested journeys and defines collective stops for several passengers in close proximity to your home and workplace. This ensures that our service is offered at an affordable price, whilst including guaranteed seating, free internet and being a transfer-free commute.

Kussbus is a mode of transportation for everyone who wants to commute more comfortably and eco-friendlier between their home and workplace while using their time more wisely. With Kussbus, you no longer have to drive, you no longer need a parking space and you no longer have to stand uncomfortably in overcrowded public transport. With guaranteed seating in modern and air conditioned buses, you can relax, read, listen to music, work, or use our Wi-Fi free of charge, to watch your favourite series, for example.

Kussbus will be available to everyone working in Luxembourg - regardless if you live in Luxembourg, France, Belgium or Germany. Kussbus will be available in 2017 only if enough people sign. Sign up now and try Kussbus in 2017 with 1 round trip free of charge and without obligations. We will initially serve the areas with the most sign-ups and will gradually expand our services as demand increases. Sign up now for free and without obligation so that we know whether you are interested in our service and we will notify you as soon as Kussbus is available in your area.
Pssst , as we are a “demand-based” service, tell your friends and colleagues about our service! The more interest you show, the faster Kussbuss can be offered to you!

We are planning on launching Kussbus in the first half of 2017. But Kussbus will only be available if enough people sign up. Sign up now and try Kussbus in 2017 with 1 round trip free of charge and without obligations. Tell your friends as well. During the initial test phase, the service will only be available to a limited number of commuters. In the following months, Kussbus will expand as demand increases. Sign up now for free and without obligation so that we know whether you are interested in our service and we will notify you as soon as Kussbus is available in your area. Tell your friends and colleagues!

Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same applies for Kussbus. We kindly ask for your patience. We will constantly review and improve our FAQs to answer as many questions from you as we can. Should any question remain unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The price for Kussbus has not been set yet, as we first need to know how many people are signing up. Kussbus will be available in 2017 only if enough people sign up. Sign up now and try Kussbus in 2017 with 1 round trip free of charge and without obligations. We will let you know personally about the price of your journey.
At this point we can tell you:  The price of your journey will depend on the direct distance of your commute, not on the number of fellow passengers nor on the route Kussbus takes to pick up the other passengers. The Kussbus app will tell you the cost of each journey before your confirm your booking. Kussbus will be substantially cheaper than your daily commute with your car, even though it offers a door-to-door service. This is made possible by sharing your ride with other commuters. To compare, try to imagine how much you spend every day for petrol and parking, not to mention the total additional costs of your car (30-40€/100km).

Subscriptions at discounted rates will be available via our app.

If you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email with a promotional code. You will be able to use this code when booking your Kussbus via the app.

Kussbus brings you to your workplace Monday to Friday between 06:00 and 09:30 am (time of arrival at your workplace). After work, Kussbus will take you home between 2:00 and 8:30 pm (time of departure from your workplace). Please note that Kussbus does not operate during public holidays in Luxembourg.

No. All offered journeys operate independently of the number of passengers.

While booking, you determine the latest time you would like to be at work in the morning and the earliest time you would like to be picked up in the evening. We will compile your requests for your pick-up/drop-off location and time. The exact departure time and location of your Kussbus can be found in our Kussbus-App.

A Kuss-On-Call-Bus will be available for your specific needs. More details to follow!

Kussbus uses modern, air conditioned buses with comfortable seats and plenty of leg space. These buses are driven by qualified and experienced drivers. Buses with up to eight seats will be used for routes with fewer passengers. More popular routes will have buses with up to 50 seats. The majority of the Kussbus fleet will be provided with Wi-Fi. If the bus on your route does not yet have an internet connection, we ask kindly for your understanding and patience. We are working towards equipping all vehicles with Wi-Fi as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, the possibility of avoiding traffic is the same as driving your own vehicle. However, Kussbus gives you back your time; time that you now spend at the steering wheel or squashed in a train, will finally be used wisely with Kussbus. Board the bus, take a seat, connect to our Wi-Fi and relax.

No. Our clever Kussbus-algorithm calculates collective stops for several passengers. With use of this technology, Kussbus’ stops are reduced to a minimum possible to pick up new passengers. Kussbus takes note of your current travel time, respects this time while calculating your route and ensures that your daily commute will not be prolonged. Besides, you will no longer have to waste time looking for a parking space!

The Kussbus-algorithm optimises the amount of stops at homes and workplaces to get you to work and back home as quickly as possible. The stops will be reduced to a minimum possible.

No. Kussbus is a door-to-door shuttle service.


Since we cannot serve all locations initially, we need your information to integrate new home addresses and workplaces into our service. We can then inform you when Kussbus will be available to you. Your personal information is subject to our strict data protection and confidentiality policy.

No, signing up is free of charge and without any obligation. You can cancel your sign-up at any time and delete your information.

You can sign up via our website. In the light blue box, please state your home address and your workplace, as well as your email address. We will inform you as soon as Kussbus will be available to you.

To be able to offer you our service, we require some of your personal information. Rest assured that your personal data will be handled strictly confidentially and will not be shared with any third parties.

Booking a Journey

To book a commute with Kussbus, follow these steps:

  1. Indicate your departure and destination addresses.
  2. For your journey to your workplace: Indicate the latest time of arrival at your workplace.
    For your journey back home: Indicate the earliest time that you would like to be picked up.
  3. Find out what the journey will cost and when/where you will be picked up.
  4. Book your journey.

As seats are reserved “first come, first served”, it is best that you book your journeys as early as possible. Theoretically, it will be possible to make a booking shortly before a bus’ departure.

The payments are made via credit card. You can register your card details in your personal, secured account and will not have to re-enter the information with each booking. More payment options will follow.

Kussbus will not save your credit card details on its servers. It transfers the encrypted information to a specialised payment service which saves and manages credit card details safely.

Yes. To make a booking with Kussbus, you will need to download our app. It is impossible to book a journey without the app.

The Kussbus-App will soon be available, free of charge, for Android and iOS operating systems in the respective stores. There are currently no apps for Windows and Blackberry mobiles in the works.

Your Journey with Kussbus

Within your Kussbus-App, you will see where and when Kussbus will pick you up. With the integrated map, you will have no problem finding your pick-up point.

In order to save as much boarding time as possible, there are a minimum of stops to pick up or drop off passengers. Kussbus calculates common stops for a maximum of passengers living or working in the same area. A stop can be located at the crossroad between two streets for example. As a general rule, you will have to walk less than 5 minutes to reach the stop. In return, you will save travel time. The exact pick-up points will be shown to you in your Kussbus app after having made a booking.

Yes. You will be able to follow the location and progress of your Kussbus live in the Kussbus-App.

Kussbus will wait for max. 1 minute for latecomers. Since we are offering a time efficient service for multiple passengers, we cannot wait for individual passengers. We appreciate your understanding.

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