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ABOUT Kussbus

What is Kussbus?

Kussbus is the smartest shuttle service providing daily commuting from home to work and vice versa. Kussbus's algorithm optimizes journeys and defines a common stop for several users, near their home or workplace. Buses from 7 to 19 seats

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Why Kussbus?

Traveling with Kussbus guarantees a convenient, personalized and eco -friendly trip:

  • Smart: Our technology UFT designs responsive network allowing our shuttle Kussbus to adapt better to the demand and traffic patterns
  • Comfortable: guaranteed seat and direct trip to your destination.
  • Eco-friendly: Every Kussbus shuttle can replace up to 19 vehicles.
Where will Kussbus be available?

Kussbus is available from Habay/Arlon to Glacis/Kirchberg

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What are the different stops?

No more fixed stops. Our system is able to optimise the amount of stops based on the demand with the aim to get you to work and back home as fast as possible.

Where is the list of the stops?

Please refer to question “what are the different stops”. For further information, you can contact us at or social medias.

How can I find my stop?

Pick-up and drop-off spots are located less than a 10 minute walk from your home or office, or near free parking. Use the In-App map to find them otherwise contact us at


How to book a ride?

Download our free application on  Apple Store or Google Play and discover our in-app tutorial to start the experience!

How much does Kussbus cost?

You will find the price within our application however the unit price is around 5€

Do you have a monthly subscriptions?

It exists and you just need to contact to subscribe. The subscription gives you a 10% discount on the total number of rides you will buy.

When should I book my journeys?

As seats are reserved “first come, first served”, it is best that you book your journeys as early as possible. It will be possible to make a booking shortly before a bus’ departure, but always be aware that places are limited to 19 seats. Concerning the first departure in the morning, we recommend to book earlier than 4 am before the system starts calculating the route. Otherwise we invite you to verify your ride timing before departure.

What is Kussbus' schedule?

Kussbus brings you to your workplace Monday to Friday between 05.30 am and 08.15 am (time of departure from your home stop). After work, Kussbus will take you home between 4pm and 7.15pm (time of departure from your workplace stop). Please note that Kussbus does not operate during public holidays in Luxembourg.

Where can I find the exact departure times?

While booking, you determine the latest time you would like to be at work in the morning and the earliest time you would like to be picked up in the evening. We will compile your requests for your pick-up/drop-off location and time. The exact departure time and location of your Kussbus can be found in your app.

Can my departure times change?

Yes, at 4am our system automatically generates the stops according to the bookings. Therefore the times can slightly change but always at your favor as the arrival time remains unchanged.

Can I modify/cancel my booking?

You can change your booking directly on the application, free of charge.


Will Kussbus pick me up in front of my doorstep?

No. In order to save as much boarding time as possible, there are a minimum of stops to pick up or drop off passengers. Kussbus calculates common stops for a maximum of passengers living or working in the same area. A stop can be located at the crossroad between two streets for example. As a general rule, you will have to walk less than 5 minutes to reach the stop. In return, you will save travel time. The exact pick-up points will be shown to you in your Kussbus app after having made a booking

How to recognize my stop?

After booking a seat, you can see your trip details in the app with the pickup and dropoff maps. You can also follow up live your bus arrival directly in the application  

Do I have to transfer?

No. Kussbus is a commuter shuttle service

I am late. Will Kussbus wait for me?

No, since we offer efficient service for several passengers, we can not wait for individual passengers. We appreciate your understanding.

Can I call the driver?

No, you won’t be able to communicate directly with the driver. You can see in your app the real-time whereabouts of your Kussbus. You can communicate with us via the team is available from 5.30am to 7.30pm

Can Kussbus avoid the traffic jams in Luxembourg?

Unfortunately, the possibility of avoiding traffic is the same as driving your own vehicle. However, Kussbus gives you back your time; time that you used to spend at the steering wheel or squashed in a train, will finally be used wisely with Kussbus. Board the bus, take a seat and relax.

Do I get a notification if my Kussbus is late?

In case of a delay, the Kussbus app will alert you minutes before your departure. Due to unpredictable traffic jams, not even Kussbus can avoid being late some time.


Why do I have to sign-up?

Signing-in is mandatory for booking a ride. You can easily book, manage and pay your rides over our app and don’t have to fill in your contact information all the time.

Is there a fee to sign-up?

No, signing up is free of charge and without any obligation. You can cancel your sign-up at any time and delete your information.

Which operating systems are required for the Kussbus app?

The Kussbus app is available, free of charge, for Android and iOS operating systems in the respective stores (Apple Store and Play Store). There are currently no apps for Windows and Blackberry mobiles in the works.

How do I pay?

The payments are made via credit card. You can register your card details in your personal, secured account and will not have to re-enter the information with each booking. You will pay your journey as “pay-as-you-go”. Different subscription models will be available soon.

How do I redeem my free rides?

If you received a promo code, enter it in the app by going to: Profile -> payment -> "redeem a voucher".

For those of you who subscribed to our site in 2016/2017, enter the e-mail address you used for your subscription and the code you received.

How does the referral works?

A referal code is automatically generated while opening your account. This code is available to: Profil -> Referral Code. Share it with your friend to receive both a free ride.

I forgot my password?

You can click on "Forgot my password" during the log-in and a link to restart your password will be sent to your account.

Data Protection

What happens to my personal information?

To be able to offer you our service, we require some of your personal information. Rest assured that your personal data will be handled strictly confidentially and will not be shared with any third parties. If you need further information concerning the use of data please contact us via


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